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Hi There! We are Theresa & Ariel, a mother-daughter coaching team providing women's empowerment & mother-daughter coaching.

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What Clients Are Saying...

Tracy P.

"...She also helped me set personal goals, encouraging me to bring my focus around to things I'd always loved to do but never truly pursued or had let slide. Theresa and I worked thru some very difficult issues.

We discovered ideas or thoughts that were holding me back and worked on these things specifically. I look at life and what I want out of it in a different way now than I have for many years. This is due to Theresa's guidance and understanding, her knowledge and encouragement.

I went into these sessions hoping she could help but with the skeptic in me whispering no one could. I'm thrilled to tell you, the skeptic in me was WRONG.

If you are sitting on the fence about whether to invest in Theresa as your Life and Health Coach, whether to invest in yourself, in YOUR future, I would say to you "get off the fence"! Take the chance!

You won't be disappointed."

Melissa C.

"I struggle with anxiety specifically with social situations. My goal with Ariel was to help minimize/reduce the instances that I cancel or bail on engagements and daily activities that put me in those situations. 

This negatively effects my life in several ways. I find myself cancelling plans that I’ve made with friends or family, especially if there will be others in attendance that I don’t know. 

Ariel taught me some techniques to help me refocus and center my attention and energy so that I can power through the struggle and complete the task at hand with minimal interference from my anxiety. Recently I’ve used the tapping technique to help calm my nerves as I look for new employment. 

I definitely recommend coaching with Ariel. She is open and listens for what you’re trying to say even if your verbiage is not exact. Ariel asks questions and strives to get to the root cause to help guide you through your struggles towards your goal."

Middy A.

"I struggled in my relationship with my mother and always felt I was lacking or missing my mother’s love. I never felt heard, seen or understood and was not able to have a conversation with her or share my emotions. I wanted a relationship with my mother, but didn’t know how to go about discussing this with her and that’s when I decided to work with Theresa.

After a 3-session intensive, I had tons of aha’s and perspective shifts. I gained a better understanding of myself as well as my mother through a generational mapping exercise. I was also able to step into her shoes and see my mother and her struggles as an individual and it helped me to not only understand her better, but also be able to communicate with her.

This experience helped me open up, understand my own emotions, set boundaries, and even opened up the line of communication between us…I was actually able to get my mother to join my last session!"