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If you are looking for free resources to get you started along your healing and empowerment journey, we've got you covered!

Empower Yourself Guide

This worksheet guide will help you take back power over your life!

What's Inside:

* Empowerment Overview

* Ways We Disempower Ourselves

* Empowerment Self-Reflection 

* Creating Empowered Actions

* Empowering Affirmations


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A Guide To Setting Boundaries

This worksheet guide will help you understand boundaries and how to create them.

What's Inside:

* Boundary Types Overview

* 3 Steps To Creating Boundaries

* Do You Need Boundaries

* Boundary Self-Reflection

*Creating New Boundaries

* Boundary Phrases

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Mother-Daughter Conflict Guide

This worksheet guide discusses the mother-daughter relationship and the three main causes for conflict.

What's Included:

* Understanding The Mother-Daughter Relationship

* Toxic Generational Patterns

* 3 Main Reasons For Conflict

* Conflict Self-Reflection 

* Creating Conflict Resolving Actions 

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Stress & Anxiety EFT Tapping Video

This 45-minute guided Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping session with coach Ariel will help you to relieve your stress and anxiety!

What's Included:

* Stress & Anxiety Overview

* Understanding EFT Tapping

* Why Does It Work

* Guided EFT Tapping Video

* PDF Tapping Script

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