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If you are looking for free resources to get you started along your healing and empowerment journey, we've got you covered!

Mother-Daughter Conflict Guide

This worksheet guide discusses the mother-daughter relationship and the three main causes for conflict.

What's Included:

* Understanding The Mother-Daughter Relationship

* Toxic Generational Patterns

* 3 Main Reasons For Conflict

* Conflict Self-Reflection 

* Creating Empowered Actions 

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Empower Yourself Guide

This worksheet guide will help you take back power over your life!

What's Inside:

* Empowerment Overview

* Ways We Disempower Ourselves

* Empowerment Self-Reflection 

* Creating Empowered Actions

* Empowering Affirmations


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A Guide To Setting Boundaries

This worksheet guide will help you understand boundaries and how to create them.

What's Inside:

* Boundary Types Overview

* 3 Steps To Creating Boundaries

* Do You Need Boundaries

* Boundary Self-Reflection

*Creating New Boundaries

* Boundary Phrases

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Stress & Anxiety EFT Tapping Video

This guided Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping session with coach Ariel will help you to relieve your stress and anxiety!

What's Included:

* Stress & Anxiety Overview

* Understanding EFT Tapping

* Why Does It Work

* Guided EFT Tapping Video

* PDF Tapping Script

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